A Frontier Within Us

In the past decade, scientists have made the profound discovery that the human microbiome — the communities of microbes living in and on us — can shape our metabolism, immune system, organ function and even our neurobiology. These connections give the microbiome enormous influence on health and immense potential to prevent and treat disease.


A New World of Therapeutic Possibility


A New Frontier of Drug Chemistry and Nutrition

The microbiome produces hundreds of bioactive chemistries that affect our biology. To date, the vast majority of research in medicine and nutrition has focused on the interaction between chemistries and human cells – overlooking the essential role of our microbiome. Kaleido is pioneering a large category of novel chemistries that can control the entire metabolic profile of the microbiome, offering new ways to approach the treatment of disease and management of health.

Breakthrough to Bedside

History suggests that we stand on the brink of a new “microbiome era” in medicine. For more than a century, scientific discoveries akin to the recent explosion of knowledge about the microbiome have led to broad and meaningful advances in human health.