Our Mission

Kaleido is dedicated to leading a revolution in health. It all starts with the microbiome. In the last ten years, science has revealed the microbiome to be one of the most diverse, powerful organs in the body. At Kaleido, we are pioneering new ways to unlock its power to enable the body to treat disease and heal itself.

Through our science, our technology and partnerships, we are leading:

A revolution of knowledge - to understand the impact of the microbiome on human health and disease.

A revolution in therapeutic discovery and delivery - as we pioneer new ways to develop treatments.

A revolution in human health - by harnessing the microbiome to treat serious diseases and develop medical-grade treatments that help people actively manage their microbiomes to improve their health.


Our Vision and Values

At Kaleido, we believe in making and delivering on bold promises. With our science, our talent, our partners and customers, we are building a company that will do great things. Along the way, we will act with integrity and honesty, respecting and learning from each other in the relentless pursuit of excellence and discovery. Together, we will leave the world healthier than we found it.