Unlocking the Power of the Microbiome

A bold vision
Tremendous new therapeutic opportunities are emerging from our rapidly expanding knowledge of the human microbiome. Kaleido is exploring this newfound territory through a unique discovery platform that develops novel chemistries targeted at specific microbiome functions. Our approach has produced clinically supported leads in multiple disease areas.
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Our Mission

Kaleido was founded to turn recent discoveries about the genetic and metabolic diversity of the human microbiome into new treatments. By using novel chemical structures to drive specific functions of the microbiome, we can develop new and effective therapies for a wide ranges of diseases. Read More

Kaleido by numbers

10 clinical studies to date 3000 + days of clinical data 75 + employees 1000 + microbiome assays/wk 100 + patent applications


A New Frontier for Health

Recent discoveries reveal the human microbiome as a vast biochemical realm within the body, analogous to a newly discovered organ that performs an array of metabolic functions with immense therapeutic potential.

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Driving the Microbiome

Kaleido starts its development process with novel compounds designed specifically to drive the microbiome’s therapeutic functions. We employ an R&D engine that can test these candidate compounds on an industrial scale by recreating human microbiomes in the lab, ensuring high translatability and rapid advancement to the clinic.

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A Robust, Growing Pipeline

Kaleido has advanced novel chemistries into clinical studies across four programs, with over 3,000 days of human data supporting our products.

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